The Cracknore Hard Sailing Club moorings are situated close to SMC military base at the upper reaches of Southampton Water providing convenient access to the Solent.

The club maintains strong links with Marchwood Yacht Club, who generously allow us access to their pontoon for short-term loading and unloading, the use of their superb bar and shower facilities, and reduced over-night mooring costs. The absence of our own dedicated facilities allow us to keep Club fees to an absolute minimum, with our current mooring fees probably the lowest in the area.

Club Philosophy

As an enthusiastic Club of amateur members, we believe in keeping our costs low by doing much of the routine maintenance work ourselves. Typically this will involve the annual inspection and servicing of the mooring buoys and pontoon, normally a weekend in late February/March. Full instructions and guidance are given and we work together as a team. New members will be expected to demonstrate a willingness to join in these Club activities, contributing to maintenance tasks according to ability and experience.

Please see the map below and enjoy the video of the moorings.

Below you will see the co-ordinates of our moorings.

Below you will see a video of our moorings.